About You

Three smiling peopleWill we work well together?

Business owner or self-employed?

It could be that you are just starting out. Maybe you have an idea and are wondering how to turn it into reality.

Perhaps you are looking to move out of corporate life, facing redundancy or looking to start up an online business as well as do your day job.

You may have reached a crisis point, know you want to make a significant change or just feel ready to step up to a whole new level.

Perhaps you have ambitious growth plans and want to make sure you do things properly - and wondering just how to do that when you're already running on overdrive to deliver your current workload.

The world of marketing is changing rapidly. Digital marketing, social media, content marketing, inbound marketing ... what does it all mean?

If you've been in business for some time - and been successful ... you might be finding that what worked 10 or 5 years ago or even last year isn't working quite so well any more. Or maybe you feel you're just not making the most of this new marketing landscape.

Feeling confused? Overwhelmed?

Or just too busy to tackle things properly?

Some people tell me they feel excited about marketing – but are unsure where to start.

Most people tell me that feel anxious about it on some level.

Many people just want to put their business on a firmer footing and cut out the uncertainty.

If any of this strikes a chord, then I can help you.

What you do, how long you’ve been doing it, where you are, what industry you’re in, how big your idea or your business is, whether you have a team or not ... all these are fairly irrelevant.

But here are four things that matter:

  1. That you are serious about your business and in it for the long term
  2. That you are ready and willing to invest in yourself and your business
  3. That you have the desire to learn and make changes
  4. That you are prepared to do the work to make those changes happen

If you can say 'yes’ to all four, then chances are we can work well together.

Leading or working within a marketing team?

You'll probably be looking for a fresh perspective and added value, help with strategic thinking and building skills.

You may want to enhance your own knowledge and skills, gain confidence or master a new area of marketing - especially the growing and increasingly complex area of content marketing.

You may want to build capacity, develop and improve the performance of your team.

Perhaps it's time to invest in yourself and your career ... to work with an independent mentor and coach. Or perhaps you'd to like to support a new recruit or develop a team member.

Essentially you want to make a real difference over the long term - to yourself, your team, your organisation.

So, what next?

Whatever your circumstances, if any of this sounds like you and you'd like to explore ideas and find out if could work well together ... just call me on 01386 701944.