Woman at flipchartFlexible marketing support - strategy, planning, implementation

If you’re running a business or leading a marketing team, there may be times when you want help with marketing and business development.

You could be looking for

  • A trusted marketing advisor to give assurance and support you as your company changes and grows
  • Help with marketing strategy and planning
  • Ad hoc or ongoing project management or implementation support
  • Someone to fill a gap on a flexible interim basis

But you may find our definition of 'consultancy' a little different to that of some other marketing consultants:

  • Our consultancy comes blended with a healthy dash of mentoring and coaching
  • We will never just tell you what to do and then walk away to let you get on with it alone - unless you want us to of course
  • And we will never try to sell you additional services you don't need
  • But we will take a capacity building approach to make you as self-sufficient 'in-house' as you can or want to be

We can help when

  1. You need a fresh perspective or want to critically assess your marketing and get things set up on a sound footing for the long term
  2. You need additional resource to boost your team during times of change or to respond to new internal initiatives or external pressures
  3. You are tasked with getting a marketing plan in place but have no marketing expertise in-house
  4. You have to cope with a peak in demand, such as a special event, launching a new product or service, addressing new legislation, launching a new campaign, or developing a new web site
  5. You have a short term need for a skill or mix of skills you lack or don’t have at the right level in house, such as copywriting, graphic design, or project management
  6. You need a dedicated focus to complete a specific task or to keep ongoing activity on track
  7. Your organisation is going through restructuring or other major change and the roles needed today may not be those needed tomorrow
  8. You need to redefine and set up new teams with new responsibilities
  9. One of your key people leaves at a critical stage in the year or one of your senior marketing managers is on maternity leave
  10. You want to take your time to find the right person to fill the permanent job

We are flexible in terms of what we can do, how we do it and how we charge for it.

We can work with you on short or project-based assignments or as part of a long-term, 'out source' relationship linked to a specific number days per month or per year and specific deliverable outcomes.

I’ll always be your main point of contact but, as well as my own thirty years experience with private and public sector companies of all sizes, you will also benefit from the skills and talents of the wider associate team.

Our sector specialisms include IT and telecoms, professional services, creative services, training, learning and development, energy, agriculture, countryside and conservation, visitor attraction, venues and events.

If you’re interested in exploring how we can help you, call me on 01386 701944 or email me