Jane's Approach

Jane's approachTime to stop and think

Taking action is important. But when things start to go wrong or we feel lost or confused, then it’s time to stop and reflect for a while.

We can get so caught up in the doing, that we lose sight of our original objective and can end up floundering around in implementation.

So much to do, so little time. We feel we should be achieving more. So we feel we must do more – work longer, work harder.

Or perhaps we feel we should try something different. But how do we do that when we’ve got all this other stuff to do? And how do we know what works anyway?

Sometimes we need a little help to take a step back and look at our business from the outside with the help of a fresh pair of eyes. Or get support with developing our marketing team - especially as marketing evolves and our company grows.

My approach is to help you gain clarity and direction. To get you off the treadmill and into a place where you can think and reflect – then plan effectively and take action.

And it includes helping you grow in confidence and gain the knowledge and skills to do new things and move forward.

What could our work together look like?

I’ve been working independently with clients since 2000, following a marketing career with brands such as Shell and Cable & Wireless and having worked in agency, publishing and client environments – in a hands-on capacity and as a manager and leader of marketing teams.

This means I’ve had experience across a wide range of marketing disciplines – from strategy and planning to implementation.

My aim is to deliver the best mix of advice, training, coaching and hands-on help for each client – tailored to their own specific needs, objectives and goals.

My work falls broadly into two areas:

1. Helping a client work out what to do and how to do it

  • Marketing consultancy, advice, mentoring
  • Strategy and planning work – covering marketing and marketing communications, with a specialist focus on content marketing

2. Enabling a client to ‘do’ marketing effectively or doing it for them

  • Training, tuition, skills coaching
  • Implementation – with a focus on content and writing

We usually start with a piece of 'area 1' work before moving on to 'area 2'. Work can be session, day or project based and I work with a small number number of clients at any one time on an ongoing, retained basis.