The ‘Marketing health check’ allows you to take time out from your business and gives you a structured way to review your marketing, identify areas for action and create a plan to make things happen.

It’s a mix of consultancy and coaching and includes:

  1. An initial 'diagnostic' telephone call during which we agree objectives for the session
  2. Some tailored questions and suggested tasks to help you prepare for the session
  3. The half-day health check itself, up to 3 hours in total - either as one face-to-face session or two telephone sessions
  4. A follow-up call to deal with any questions you may have - at a time to suit you and to fit with your personal post-session action plan

So, you decide want you want to achieve by the end of the health check and I tailor the consultation to suit.

Clients come to this session with many different objectives:

Interested? What next?

If you think a ‘Marketing health check’ will help you, just call me on 01386 701944.

We can discuss exactly how it works and understand how to tailor it for you. If you decide to go ahead, we then book a date in the diary and get started.

The fee, payable upon booking, is £400 +VAT = £480 plus any expenses (for example, room hire or travel, depending on your choice of location and venue).

The ‘Marketing health check’ has a no risk, money back guarantee. This means I will refund your fee in full if, at the end of the session, you feel the health check failed to meet your objectives in working with us.