If you’ve read through these mentoring options and like what you’ve seen but feel you want something a little different, then call me and we can discuss whatever you have in mind.

My sole aim is to help you achieve what you want to achieve – in the most effective way.

It may be that you want some very specific coaching or training or are preparing for a special event.

Or you may want a monthly coaching call to review your business plan or keep you focused on new business activity.

Clients have tapped into some tailored coaching and mentoring when:

This is about helping you learn a new skill, develop your own approach and generally become more self-sufficient at doing your own marketing. By working with me or one of the team, you can also achieve more faster and cut out the frustration of trying to figure it all out for yourself or having to wade through endless 'how-to' guides.

If you’re interested in tailoring something just for you, call me on 01386 701944 ... anything is possible.