Practical, cost effective small business training

And in-house training for marketing teams

  • Do you run or work for a company or organisation, feel you need help with marketing and sales and know you could benefit by inviting us "in-house" to work alongside and train your team?
  • Are you struggling to make certain parts of your marketing work or embed or manage new practices - especially with the spread of content marketing and social media.
  • Do you already deliver training for businesses and want to add a really practical and effective marketing programme to your portfolio?
  • Do you run a business networking or support group and would like to offer your members cost effective training?
  • Are you involved in developing business enterprise programmes and would appreciate some specialist input in assessing training needs, design and delivery?

All too often "marketing" training is high on theory and low on giving people tools, tips and techniques that they get excited about and leave the course really motivated to put into practice. On the day, the theory may sound fine, but it can be hard to work out exactly what practical steps to take next. And, away from the classroom, nothing really changes.

We specialise in helping people apply the theory to their real life business so that they can start straightaway, in the session, to work out what they need to do and how they can make it happen.

It can be tempting to leap straight into marketing activities (producing leaflets, advertising, building web sites, networking, giving talks, setting up social media), without doing the thinking and planning that will form the bedrock of successful marketing and get results.

That’s why we:

  1. Focus on the thinking and working out what to do bit - otherwise known as marketing strategy and planning and then
  2. Deal with specific skills and topics - to help people put their marketing strategy and plan into action successfully.

What makes our training a little different?

  • We’re all still practicing our trade hands-on with clients, putting our specialist subjects to work every day. This means were up-to-date and know what works first hand.
  • We all know what it's like to run our own business or work in or lead a marketing team - the highs and lows, the challenges - so we have a shared perspective and understand what it really takes to put training into practice.
  • So, our approach is to first teach ... and then follow-up with coaching and mentoring support to ensure learning can be effectively applied within the workplace or business.

Here’s what we’ve delivered recently:

  • Jane has trained groups for Women in Rural Enterprise (WiRE) and Cotswold Women in Business, run Landskills East funded sessions for Tastes of Anglia and delivered one-to-one training as part of the Lantra Women and Work programme.
  • In 2010 she was asked to design a new ‘Writing for the Web’ workshop for the Henshall Centre, a national PR training provider, and became lead tutor for that and other Henshall Centre courses including Effective Blog Writing.
  • All associates are active training partners and we run public workshops on demand on a range of marketing topics and Jane teaches a regular copywriting class in the Cotswolds.

Marketing and communications training topics

  1. Marketing strategy and planning: including courses tailored specifically for small businesses - how to create and implement effective, practical marketing strategies and plans.
  2. Branding: principles and practice of company, product and personal branding.
  3. Marketing communications: campaign planning, principles and practice of specific disciplines and tactics such as PR, events, networking, speaking, email marketing, and online marketing.
  4. Managing online content, content marketing: how to manage your presence online and get found, read, acted on and shared.
  5. Copywriting: writing for the web, effective press release writing, effective blog writing, crafting persuasive and engaging copy for specific applications such as web sites, sales letters, profiles, newsletters and brochures.
  6. Social media: creating a social media strategy, managing social media activities effectively, getting results with social media.
  7. Traditional media: understanding the media, story brainstorming, interview training.
  8. Personal performance: speaking skills, personal impact, developing presence and charisma.

Interested? What next?

If you like to discuss a training idea or explore how we could tailor our training for your group, please call me, Jane Heaton, on 01386 701944.