Content Marketing In A Week - download and read Chapter 1 for free

By Jane Heaton - CIM Book Of The Month May 2016. Master content marketing in seven simple steps. Discover how to attract, engage, convert and retain customers by creating content that they find relevant, useful and valuable.


Explore and discover new career or business direction - in 90 days

Is it time to do something different with your career, work or business life? 45 days to explore, gain clarity, and find your new direction, 45 days to prepare the ground and start taking action towards it.


Hire Jane as a writer ... or to help you plan, create, publish and promote compelling content

Work with Jane to improve your own writing skills or benefit from hers ... from blogs and website content to book projects and full blown content marketing strategies.

Jane Heaton - marketing, communication and content specialist, coach, writer

Helping business owners, MDs, marketing people, solo and employed professionals think strategically and gain the clarity and confidence to make changes in their business, their career / work life - or their approach to marketing.

Focused coaching 

Explore and find new career or business direction in just 90 days with Jane - an Authorised NOW WHAT? ® Programme Facilitator.

Skilled writing

Hire Jane as your writer or ghostwriter - from regular short articles to longer non-fiction book projects or information products.

Flexible marketing

Strategy and planning for changing and growing businesses. Your trusted marketing adviser or flexible part-time Head of Marketing.

The book

Imagine being able to attract, engage, convert and retain customers by creating content that they find relevant, useful and valuable. Now you can.

Working with business owners, MDs,and marketing people

~ As a trusted marketing partner/adviser, helping business owners, marketing leaders, and marketing practitioners think, plan and work strategically – often acting as a flexible part-time Head of Marketing and with a specialist focus on marketing communications, content marketing and writing. I help businesses build marketing capacity and develop their marketing people and teams.

~ As a coach and mentor, to help business owners, leaders and professionals explore a new business or career direction or sort out or fine tune an existing one - often when wondering what to do with the next phase of their life - or because their business or organisation is changing or growing.

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Jane came highly recommended and continually exceeded my expectations both in the ease with which she understood and embraced the requirements of our time sensitive and pressing needs through to completion. It would be an understatement to say that Jane and her colleagues exemplify what is referred to as good value ... Jane provides great value. I look forward to engaging with her again in the near future.

Joseph F Jackson, Wireless Business Solutions, Chicago