Coaching and mentoring for marketing people

For marketing people dealing with change and developing their career and leadership potential

Looking for a coach or mentor who understands your environment and your challenges? Someone who can help you navigate the commercial world, manage change, and develop your career, wherever you are on your journey, from early to mid-career and as you move into more senior leadership roles.

Together we explore who you are in relation to your work and how this impacts your performance and the way you feel about your work. This helps you achieve clarity about your current and future direction, improving your confidence and giving you a greater sense of fulfilment.

For your organisation this means you are making the most of your strengths and talents, with increased motivation and commitment, able to perform more effectively.

  • Better able to lead yourself and others
  • Better able to relate to and communicate with others
  • Able to make a greater contribution to your peers, your team and the business as a whole
  • Able to manage change and explore and prepare for new challenges – either within your organisation or as part of a leaving or outplacement package

You benefit from a calm, confidential space in which to think clearly – in a relationship of trust that empowers you to find answers, clear obstacles, and see new ways forward. You can expect an informal, structured approach and to feel supported but also challenged as you discover new awareness and insight as well as the confidence and resourcefulness to take action and move forward.

Coaching can be face-to-face, by telephone and by online video meeting (such as Zoom or Skype).

Interested in being coached by me?

The first step is for us to have a conversation on the telephone to explore if coaching is a good next step for you and if we would be a good match.

During the call we’ll discuss the 2 or 3 key outcomes that you hope to achieve from coaching.

I will also explain how I work, how the coaching programme works, what your investment would be, and answer any questions you may have – whether you are self-funding or being supported by your company.

By the end of the call we’ll both know whether we’re a good fit as coach and client.

If we are, then we agree when to get started. If not, I may be able to offer you some alternative suggestions such as an introduction to another coach, books or courses.

How does that sound?

To arrange a conversation with me call 01386 701944 or email me.

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