Coaching to fine tune your business or work life

For business owners and solo professionals wanting to reconnect with their business purpose and enhance performance

There are times when we feel we’re just treading water, have lost our way or got a bit off track. We don’t necessarily want or need a major change of direction but we know we do need something.

Perhaps you’re struggling to be truly yourself, feel authentic or find meaning at work or in your business?

A short programme of coaching can help you gain clarity, uncover what’s missing and work out what steps to take next – especially if you:

  • Feel flat, stuck and want to change things but are unsure what to do about it
  • Feel that you’ve lost the enjoyment you originally had in your work and want to get it back
  • Are pushing hard at marketing but results are not showing up
  • Want to change certain habits or behaviours
  • Sense that something is holding you back
  • Have specific goals you want to achieve
  • Want to get serious about and reinvigorate your business
  • Are already on a development path and want coaching support to keep on track and/or accelerate progress

How we do it

In the first session we agree the purpose, desired outcomes and format for your initial coaching programme.

The number of sessions you will need and the frequency of those sessions will depend on what you want to achieve. Clients usually come prepared to commit to a minimum of 3 x 2-hour sessions over 4 – 6 weeks in order for the coaching to be truly effective.

Once the initial programme is complete, you then have the option to continue coaching and we discuss and agree the shape of your next coaching programme.

Sessions can be by telephone, online video meeting, or in person here in the Cotswolds. Each face-to-face session is about 2 hours long with telephone and online sessions usually taken in smaller chunks.

Because of the reflective nature of this work, I recommend you allow yourself plenty of ‘free’ time around your session and avoid rushing to other appointments.

When I was planning my career change from being employed to self-employed, I turned to Jane to help me think through what I wanted to achieve personally and professionally. Jane is easy to work with, really cares, and has a wealth of experience to share. Her organised approach to our sessions made them focused and productive. In my view, everyone should have a Jane in their life!
Lynette Searle

Interested in being coached by me?

The first step is for us to have a conversation on the telephone to explore if coaching is a good next step for you and if we would be a good match.

During the call we’ll discuss the 2 or 3 key outcomes that you hope to achieve from coaching.

I will also explain how I work, how the coaching programme works, what your investment would be, and answer any questions you may have.

By the end of the call we’ll both know whether we’re a good fit as coach and client.

If we are, then we agree when to get started. If not, I may be able to offer you some alternative suggestions such as an introduction to another coach, books or courses.

How does that sound?

To arrange a conversation with me call 01386 701944 or email me.

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