Content marketing consultation and advice

For solo professionals, owners of small and larger businesses, marketing specialists and those leading or managing marketing teams who want to explore content marketing and how to make it work for them.

Many people like the concept of using content as a core part of their marketing but are either struggling to make it work or never really get started because they have too many questions. I can help:

  • If you’re wondering whether or not content marketing is a real opportunity for you and want to assess its potential
  • When you want to assess how the skills you have in house could be organised and enhanced to deploy content marketing effectively
  • If you already have some content initiatives underway but are unsure about how effective they are or disappointed in how things are panning out
  • If you think you might have some process or planning gaps
  • If you have any questions at all about content marketing or content in general and want to talk things through with a communications and content specialist

From a single half-day consultation to a flexible package of sessions over a period of time.

To arrange a conversation with me:

Jane gave clear, concise, and well-structured advice on my content marketing, and I will be forever grateful for her input. Her book is so simple to follow, and to implement, and allowed me to take a strategic view of my marketing efforts, rather than just opening all channels and broadcasting blindly. Along with the book, Jane’s understanding of the challenges faced by business people when it comes to content marketing are first class which makes her so easy to work with, and means that her guidance is considered, creative, and highly-effective. I have no hesitation in recommending Jane’s services to business-people, whether owners of small businesses, or other marketing professionals tasked with content marketing for larger organisations.
Phil Olley
Specialist in Personal and Professional Focus, Speaker, Author, Business Coach

Other Content Services

Practical content strategy and planning work

For business owners, marketing people and teams in businesses of all sizes who want dedicated, specialist help creating their content marketing strategy and plan, setting up or assessing processes, and planning individual content initiatives.

Communication, content and writing tuition and training

For individuals on a one-to-one basis and small groups who want to improve their content planning and writing skills.

Writing for you

For marketing people and business owners looking for hands on writing support – someone to write for them.

Ghostwriting services

For solo professionals, business owners and business leaders looking for a ghostwriting partner for their non-fiction book or information product.

Thoughts on content