Content Marketing In A Week

Content Marketing In A Week by Jane Heaton

Engage Your Audience With Compelling Content In Seven Simple Steps

A straightforward, easy read that explains what 'content marketing' is and how to plan and put it into practice within your company - for business owners and marketing people looking to quickly grasp the essential content marketing skills and techniques.

From the book cover:

Content Marketing In A Week coverContent marketing just got easier ... You are just seven steps away from mastering content marketing. Imagine being able to attract, engage, convert and retain customers by creating content that they find relevant, useful and valuable. Now you can.

Content Marketing In A Week is a simple and straightforward guide to getting content marketing right, giving you everything you really need to know in just seven short chapters. From formats, presentation techniques and buyer personas, to managing your editorial calendar, creating and promoting sharable content and measuring results, you'll discover a practical framework for planning and executing content marketing successfully. You'll also find tips to help you put it all into action.

  • Sunday: Adopt a content marketing mindset
  • Monday: Understand the different types of content
  • Tuesday: Develop your content marketing strategy
  • Wednesday: Get started with content planning
  • Thursday: Create compelling content
  • Friday: Get ready to share
  • Saturday: Learn how to measure success

CIM (Chartered Institute Of Marketing) Book Of The Month May 2016

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