Share your story, tell it well

In my book Content Marketing In A Week, I explain how to create and share content that potential customers find relevant, useful and valuable in order to attract, engage, convert and retain them. It’s powerful when planned and executed well.

If you want to explore content marketing in more detail or get help reviewing and enhancing your current content and content marketing activities, I can help with advice, practical strategy and planning support, and tailored tuition and training.

I also write or ghostwrite for a small number of clients at any one time, for specific projects and on a regular, ongoing basis as a writing partner. My approach is collaborative and flexible as, together, we explore, shape and bring your story to the page. 

Content marketing consultation and advice

For solo professionals, owners of small and larger businesses, marketing specialists and those leading or managing marketing teams who want to explore content marketing and how to make it work for them.

Practical content strategy and planning work

For business owners, marketing people and teams in businesses of all sizes who want dedicated, specialist help creating their content marketing strategy and plan, setting up or assessing processes, and planning individual content initiatives.

Communication, content and writing tuition and training

For individuals on a one-to-one basis and small groups who want to improve their content planning and writing skills.

Writing for you

For marketing people and business owners looking for hands on writing support – someone to write for them.

Ghostwriting services

For solo professionals, business owners and business leaders looking for a ghostwriting partner for their non-fiction book or information product.

Jane has worked alongside us on multiple projects for more than 10 years. She writes for clients who have no in-house resource or expertise, coaches those who feel confident to produce their own written content and edits as required. With her breadth of experience as a marketer, coach and writer she tailors her support with a brilliant eye for what is most important and beneficial to the project. A trusted professional, a pragmatic partner and the bringer of clarity and calm – a valuable skill these days in the fast-paced digital environment.
Liz Katz
Noisegate Media