Flexible marketing partner or part-time Head of Marketing

For MDs, CEOs, directors and marketing leaders – when you have an ambitious business plan and want to understand how to organise and align your marketing (in its widest sense) in order to achieve that plan.

This type of relationship usually evolves from a period of ‘pay-as-you-go’ advice or a specific strategy and planning project.

Clients find working with me on a regular basis – often for one or two or more days a month – beneficial in helping them create and steer change, craft and work towards specific business goals.

I help you step back and look at your business from the outside in, creating awareness and insight to tackle challenges and manage change.

My approach is a blend of advice, coaching, mentoring and training designed to build capacity within your business and enable you to be as self-sufficient ‘in-house’ as you can or want to be.

As we progress, I am also on hand to work on specific projects and support other managers, teams, and key players within your business.

I can also be your flexible, part-time Head of Marketing – when you need strategic level of contribution over the longer term, just not on a full-time basis.

In short, you have access to all my experience and skills on a regular yet flexible basis.

To arrange a conversation with me:

I've worked with Jane on many projects, and keep inviting her back into the team. Her ideas and expertise always make such a great contribution to clarifying our strategic direction. Inspiring, yet focused. And when we get to implementation, she can make things happen quickly, on budget and with the very highest standards of delivery. She also has a sound understanding of how local business communities really work - and of their great potential. That's why she was a natural choice as our marketing partner.
Michael Thompson

Other Marketing Services

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For solo professionals, owners of small businesses, marketing specialists and those leading or managing marketing teams and for those just starting a business – or thinking about it.

Marketing strategy and planning work

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Helping you build your marketing team

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