Ghostwriting services

For solo professionals, business owners and business leaders looking for a ghostwriting partner for their non-fiction book or information product.

So, it’s time to tell your story, to share the body of work you’ve created with the world.  You may be working with a publisher or have decided to self-publish. You may be at an early planning stage or already have started work on your manuscript. At some point you may decide you want the help of a ghostwriter. A partner who can help you with all the practical stuff while you retain the credit as the author.

  • When you’re considering writing a business or other non-fiction book and want help structuring it and/or writing it
  • When you want to turn your IP into an engaging self-study course or information product
  • When you want to publish a regular column, white paper or series of articles to showcase your material or original thinking

I can help you organise your thoughts and ideas, get the whole publication or project into good shape, get it written and written well.

If this sounds appealing and you think we might be a good match, just get in touch for an initial chat about your project.

To arrange a conversation with me:

It’s often difficult for someone to sort through their material and stories on their own. A common mistake is to try to cram in too much, especially when it’s the first book. A tight structure and logical flow is needed to capture the reader and keep them on track. Working with a ghostwriter keeps the content focused and can make the difference between actually publishing your book and never getting it finished – or even started.
Jane Heaton

Other Content Services

Content marketing consultation and advice

For solo professionals, owners of small and larger businesses, marketing specialists and those leading or managing marketing teams who want to explore content marketing and how to make it work for them.

Practical content strategy and planning work

For business owners, marketing people and teams in businesses of all sizes who want dedicated, specialist help creating their content marketing strategy and plan, setting up or assessing processes, and planning individual content initiatives.

Communication, content and writing tuition and training

For individuals on a one-to-one basis and small groups who want to improve their content planning and writing skills.

Writing for you

For marketing people and business owners looking for hands on writing support – someone to write for them.

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