Jane's Approach

Time to stop and think

I live and work in the Cotswolds and love the countryside. Some clients choose to travel here, to make the most of the peaceful setting, and I also connect with many clients by telephone, Zoom and screen share so we can easily work together wherever you are in the world.

Whether you come to me for coaching or to work on marketing or content, my approach is to create the space for you to think and reflect and help you gain clarity and direction.

To get you off the treadmill and into a place where you can think and plan effectively.

It includes helping you grow in confidence and gain the knowledge and skills to do new things and move forward.

Sometimes we all need a little help to take a step back and look at ourselves or our business from the outside with the help of a fresh pair of eyes.

I can be your guide, your sounding board, your trusted business and marketing advisor. And as your coach I will ask the questions that will enable you and empower you to find answers, resolve problems and take action.