Marketing consultation and advice

For solo professionals, owners of small businesses, marketing specialists and those leading or managing marketing teams and for those just starting a business – or thinking about it.

If you’re an established business there are times when you need to start doing something different or step back from the day-to-day and take a longer term perspective. It could be that your business is growing or has to adapt to a changing marketing place. You may:

  • Be looking for a fresh perspective and new ideas
  • Want to critically assess your marketing or check that you are on track
  • Want help unravelling specific issues
  • Sense that what’s served you well in the past isn’t working quite as well any more

If you’ve just started a business – or are just thinking about it – then I can help:

  • If you want to assess your business idea
  • If you’re unsure how to plan and get started with marketing
  • If the thought of marketing makes you feel anxious or overwhelmed

From a single half-day consultation to a flexible package of sessions over a period of time.

To arrange a conversation with me:

Jane worked with me over a couple of sessions to help me re-focus on what my business is all about and the direction I am aiming to take. Her questioning style prompted me to achieve exactly what I was after: clarity, a sense of purpose and a feeling of energy. I would strongly recommend using Jane to help you establish the identity and direction of your business. This, coupled with her excellent marketing knowledge, has set me on a clearer course.
Fiona Robson

Other Marketing Services

Marketing strategy and planning work

For business owners and those leading or managing marketing teams - when you want to go beyond advice and get practical help thinking strategically and creating your marketing plan.

Helping you build your marketing team

For business owners and those leading or managing marketing teams and those involved in learning and development or recruitment.

Flexible marketing partner or part-time Head of Marketing

For MDs, CEOs, directors and marketing leaders - when you have an ambitious business plan and want to understand how to organise and align your marketing (in its widest sense) in order to achieve that plan.

Thoughts on marketing