Now what? Coaching for a new career or business direction

For business owners, self-employed and employed professionals looking to make a significant change in their work life

If you know you want to do something different with your career, work or business life this programme will help you explore and find new direction. In other words, figure out what’s next for you – especially if you:

  • Know you want – or need – to do something different but have no idea what
  • Want to ensure you make the most of the next phase of your life
  • Feel you’ve hit a brick wall at work, that doors are no longer opening, or your business is stagnating
  • Want to rediscover your motivation and find a greater sense of fulfilment or meaning in your work
  • Know you just can’t put off making changes any longer – life’s too short
  • Are looking to return to work or start a business after taking a career break
  • Are making plans to exit a business or move away from a well-trodden career path
  • Have a long held dream you want to make a reality

I am an Authorised Facilitator for Laura Berman Fortgang’s NOW WHAT?® Programme – based on her book  “NOW WHAT? ® 90 Days to a New Life Direction”.

It embraces Laura’s philosophy of it’s not what you do that brings career satisfaction, it’s who you get to be while you’re doing it.

The first half of the programme helps you explore and discover your new direction and the second half prepares the ground and gets you taking actions towards it.

In 90 days (or a little longer) you will:

  • Explore, open up possibility, and get answers by working the twelve chapters from the NOW WHAT?® book
  • Break down barriers to clarity
  • Come to terms with change
  • Break through limiting mind sets
  • Learn how your past shows you clues to your future direction
  • Find a sense of purpose
  • Identify new directions and make them a reality
  • Determine criteria for happiness in work and life
  • Face any money obstacles head on

How we do it

The full programme is a structured, fixed price programme with 12 parts which we cover in a series of coaching sessions over 3 – 6 months – with a defined start and end point.

Sessions can be by telephone, online video meeting, or in person here in the Cotswolds – often a mix of all 3 to suit your location and schedule.

Interested in doing the NOW WHAT?® Programme with me?

The first step is for us to have a conversation on the telephone to explore if coaching is a good next step for you and if we would be a good match.

During the call we’ll discuss the 2 or 3 key outcomes that you hope to achieve from coaching.

I will also explain how I work, how the coaching programme works, what formats are available, what your investment would be, and answer any questions you may have.

By the end of the call we’ll both know whether we’re a good fit as coach and client.

If we are, then we agree when to get started. If not, I may be able to offer you some alternative suggestions such as an introduction to another coach, books or courses – this includes other Authorised NOW WHAT? ® Programme Facilitators or a NOW WHAT? ® online course with Laura or other resource.

How does that sound?

To arrange a conversation with me call 01386 701944 or email me.

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My guess is that the most surprising part of what you are about to discover is that meaning and purpose are right under your nose. Purpose is not something you invent, or force, or manipulate to sound good. It is something you come to recognize. It will simply require a refocusing of something that is already there. Having purpose in your life is about making the most of what comes naturally to you.
Laura Berman Fortgang
From “NOW WHAT? ® 90 Days to a New Life Direction”