Practical content strategy and planning work

For business owners, marketing people and teams in businesses of all sizes who want dedicated, specialist help creating their content marketing strategy and plan, setting up or assessing processes, and planning individual content initiatives.

Research by the Content Marketing Institute consistently finds that those companies most successful at content marketing are the ones with a documented content marketing strategy and plan.

Without a clear direction, plan and ‘road map’, content marketing and content initiatives can easily become confused, disjointed and start to use up lots of resource with variable results.

I can lead and facilitate a series of sessions to help you think about content at the strategic level, create a content plan that fits within your overall marketing plan, and help you set up the publishing processes, workflow, calendars and checklists which underpin successful content marketing.

I can also help you with specific tasks such as website content design, planning for information products or training content and business books.

Working alongside you and/or your team, I combine my content expertise with your knowledge of your business and your customers, allowing you to become as self-sufficient as you want to be going forward.

To arrange a conversation with me:

In many ways your content has to do the same job as your product or service does - it has to deliver value to the person using it. We all have a tendency to focus on ourselves - our company, our people, our products, our services, what we are doing. Yes, marketing has to support and drive achievement of business objectives and sales goals. But we must ensure our messaging and content actually speaks to our audience. Otherwise we’ll be talking, but no one will be listening.
Jane Heaton
From "Content Marketing In A Week"

Other Content Services

Content marketing consultation and advice

For solo professionals, owners of small and larger businesses, marketing specialists and those leading or managing marketing teams who want to explore content marketing and how to make it work for them.

Communication, content and writing tuition and training

For individuals on a one-to-one basis and small groups who want to improve their content planning and writing skills.

Writing for you

For marketing people and business owners looking for hands on writing support – someone to write for them.

Ghostwriting services

For solo professionals, business owners and business leaders looking for a ghostwriting partner for their non-fiction book or information product.