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Coaching cards

Business coaching cards and picture cards shown in images: Barefoot Coaching

The Art of the Possible coaching cards: Pete Mosley
Shown in images for ‘Coaching and mentoring for marketing people’ and ‘Helping you build your marketing team’.

Books from my bookshelf  shown in the images

Working together: Anita Mountain and Chris Davidson

Time to think: Nancy Kline

Brilliant coaching: Julie Starr

Essentialism: Greg McKeown

The 100-year life: Lynda Gratton and Andrew Scott

Daring greatly: Brene Brown

The little book on meaning: Laura Berman Fortgang

NOW WHAT? 90 days to a new life direction: Laura Berman Fortgang

This is marketing: Seth Godin

Kotler on marketing: Philip Kotler

Marketing plans for services: Malcolm McDonald, Pennie Frow and Adrian Payne

Content marketing in a week: Jane Heaton

On writing: Stephen King

Story genius: Lisa Cron

Words that change minds: Shelle Rose Charvet